Why Does Your Home Need Professional Roof Cleaning?

Keeping the inside of your home clean is one of the most important things to many homeowners. However, the exterior of the property is often still neglected by the majority, most notably the roof.

This is why it comes as a surprise to most people when they find out just how much growth, dirt and bacteria can be found on the roof of their homes. Certainly, if the same amount of bacteria was present in your kitchen – you wouldn’t feel safe preparing a meal in it.

Additionally, many people don’t have the skills or expertise to clean their own roofs (in the same way that they can easily clean their kitchen for example) and just as many fear the costs involved with hiring a professional roof cleaning company to solve the problem for them. However, the costs of professional roof cleaning pales in insignificance when compared with how much replacing your roof would cost should you neglect the state of your roof for too long!

In this article, we’re going to take a look at why hiring a professional roof cleaning company to restore the condition of your roof can be one of the best home maintenance investments for a homeowner to make. We’ll address the benefits of roof cleaning and explain just how they need to be considered if you want to get the longest possible life expectancy for your roof.

Professional Roof Cleaning Helps To Protect Your Roof

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We protect many areas of our homes from moss growth, bacteria and damage. We seal our windows to help protect the inside of our homes from dampness. However, careful attention must also be paid to the protection of our roofs from these very same risks.

Having professionals who can safely and expertly clean all of this build up and harmful material from the surface of your roof will increase its life exponentially. The use of techniques such as softwashing means that there does not need to be the use of heavy pressure washing on the roof itself – minimising the risk of damage – and that all of this decay can be prevented.

Great roof cleaning will also include the use of some form of biocidal treatment that aims to kill off algae and moss spores at their roots, allowing your roof to remain moss free for anywhere between 18 months and 5 years. 

Professional Roof Cleaning Is A Huge Home Improvement

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As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, for many homeowners, having a modern and stylish look to the inside of their homes is one of their top priorities. 

However, when it comes to home improvements, it is after all the outside of your property that passers by will see and nosy neighbours will be silently judging. That’s why in many ways there can be nothing worse than a decrepit roof overgrown with algae and moss providing a shameful eyesore to what may otherwise be an incredibly good looking home. 

A professional roof cleaning company like CleanCore, can restore the most exquisite look to the outside of your home and make certain that everyone in the local area is green with envy at just how great your house looks compared with their own!

Professional Roof Cleaning Saves You Money In The Long-Term

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Having a professional roof cleaning company remove natural growth from your roof and restore its high quality finish and look can be an investment for any homeowner. Especially when you consider that you need to ensure you are working with an experienced and trusted trader!

Despite this however, if you allow irreparable damage to occur to your roof over time through not having it cleaned and maintained regularly – you can certainly expect to incur astronomical costs in replacing your roof in its entirety. 

Checkatrade found that for UK homes in 2022, they can expect to pay up to around £17,000 on average to have their roof replaced. Whereas in the long-term, the cost of regular roof cleaning is not going to come close to this.

Some people do consider only having a partial roof replacement to repair a damaged area on their roof. An area, no doubt, that could have been saved had the homeowner employed the services of a professional roof cleaning company. However, the issue that many will find here is that it becomes immediately obvious when this is done and can really leave the exterior of your home looking shabby and nowhere near how it should be if you have a full and clean roof.

What To Look For From A Professional Roof Cleaning Company

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We have touched briefly in this article on the fact that some homeowners have reservations around professional roof cleaning companies – as there have been horror stories of more damage than good being done to people’s roofs.

So there are things that you should look for from your local professional roof cleaning company to ensure the people you’re trusting to clean your roof are trained, experienced and skilled.

Techniques. You should inquire regarding the technique which they use to clean the roof. Some companies still use an old fashioned scrub and brush method, and whilst this is not as bad as pressure washing your roof for example, it can still cause damage to tiling etc. It’s best to look for companies that have state-of-the-art equipment to provide a multitude of methods and that are best suited to minimising any risk of damage to your roof.

Reputation. Just the same as with any trades based business, it’s vital that you find a company with a good reputation in your local area. Take a look at platforms such as; Google Reviews, Trusted Trader Status and apps like NiceLocal to affirm your decision that you trust this company with cleaning your roof.

Equipment. One of the ways you can also make certain of whether or not a roof cleaning company is being 100% honest when it comes to techniques, is to look at the kind of equipment which they are using. If you can see via their website that they mention the kinds of equipment that they use or if you can see from the imagery which is used there – it will give you more reason to believe that their expertise can be trusted for cleaning your roof.

In Derby Or Nottingham? Hire A Professional Roof Cleaning Company Today!

So there you have it, there are so many reasons why commissioning a professional roof cleaning company can be one of the best decisions to make in respect of improving the look of your home. 

If you’re still not 100% convinced and are based in the Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire area – why not give CleanCore a call today and we’ll happily provide you with some further information and even a quotation if you’d like! 

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