Expert, Professional & High-Quality Driveway Cleaning In Derby

Giving a renewed lease of life to your driveway, paving, patio and leaving the front of your house looking amazing with our local professional driveway cleaning services!

Caring for your driveway and keeping it looking amazing can be tedious for many homeowners, and their driveways can quickly become dirty, grubby or riddled with moss growth. 

If you’ve got a paved, tarmacked or concrete space at the front of your property and you’d love to see it glistening again, filling your neighbours with envy. Then here at Clean Core we have an experienced team of professional driveway cleaners ready to really re-energise your outdoor space!

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In recent years, the already unpredictable British Weather has become more volatile and both rainfall and temperatures have dramatically altered. This has meant that the condition of our homely outdoor spaces are being affected and keeping them in top condition can be a challenge.

As homeowners, we always want our homes to look just as amazing on the outside as they do on the inside. We love to show off our outdoor spaces and neighbourly competition is nothing new. Yet, our driveways are continuously under immense stress from both the weather and our vehicles, which means they need regular TLC in order to be a key element of your home that you can be proud of!

Many driveway surfaces, especially block paving driveways, can be degraded through grease, oil and pressure being exerted onto them from our vehicles on a regular basis. Such factors can cause the aesthetics of your driveway to deteriorate rapidly, so having our driveway cleaning specialists on hand to pressure wash all of this material off of your driveway helps to keep the stunning look you want.

On all driveways surfaces, one of the most common issues is the growth and formation of moss, algae and weeds growing on and spoiling the pristine surface. Our top-quality driveway cleaning solutions are perfect for removing these without causing any chemical damage to the brick/stone work underneath.

As specialists in outdoor pressure washing across a whole range of different exterior elements of properties you can rest assured we’ll be able to provide a driveway cleaning service that completely renews the look of your driveway.


There are many different types of driveway that you may have and this means that we have to be versatile and offer various driveway cleaning treatments depending on what will work best for you. No matter which kind of surface your driveway is our expert team of driveway cleaning specialists will be able to advise on what will be best and then carry out the work with great attention to detail leaving you thrilled with the end results!

block driveway before and after driveway cleaning services


One of the most elegant and therefore most common driveway types in and around Derby is block paved. As mentioned above, this kind of stone patterning (whilst stunning) leaves many orifices and gaps where dirt can collect and natural vegetation can flourish.

With regular attention and the correct cleaning solutions and techniques – these driveways can be kept in stunning condition, and Clean Core are the perfect team of block paving cleaning specialists in Derby to bring that everlasting quality to your driveway.


Unlike with block paving, tarmac driveway cleaning is slightly more complex as it can often be harder to identify where moss growths are forming (especially if they’re only in spore stages). 

This requires our specialist chemical solutions which give you peace of mind that all of the potentially ugly growths have been eliminated with a treatment and clean before they have taken hold on your driveway. 

Our team of Derby driveway cleaning specialists know how to carefully work with biocide chemicals and we will work to ensure that any solution used will not have any kind of adverse effect on your driveways. We can even assess cases of extensive moss growth and advise you on whether resealing the driveway would be the best route to take in order to give your driveway further protection.

concrete cleaning


Many people look to use pattern imprinted concrete as the material on their driveway due to the bespoke finish which it can provide. They can too, remain free of growth and excess dirt for a long time after being laid, as to have them properly installed they are sealed.

This also makes them a relatively straightforward type of driveway for our team of derby based driveway cleaners to clean. Depending on the type of patterning and the condition on the surface of your driveway we can use a combination of either high pressure or low pressure washing techniques to remove any build up of unwanted materials.

As with tarmac driveway cleaning, Clean Core’s driveway specialists can assess the condition of your current sealant and help advise on whether we think a top up seal would be the best option. Then, they can even apply the seal there and then for you to help ensure your driveway stays spotless for years to come!


With homeowners and families doing everything that they can to reduce their carbon footprint and help fight climate change – many are turning to the eco-friendly material of resin for their driveway.

Resin driveways are often seen as ‘low-maintenance’ which again makes them a popular choice for homeowners, but, whilst this is technically true – they can incur build-ups of moss, algae, lichen and weeds the same as any other kind of driveway over time.

To properly clean out any moss or algae that may have adapted within the pores of the resin surface, our resin driveway cleaners employ a standard high pressure cleaner held at a distance from the surface to be certain that there is no damage caused during the cleaning process.

resin cleaning


As experienced driveway cleaners, we understand that the correct working process is key in order to attain the best possible results for our customers. Our process for cleaning driveways is designed to not only keep our customers satisfied but to exceed their expectations!

Preliminary Work

When cleaning a driveway, we need to fully understand the level of the job. This comes from looking at the surface type which we  are restoring, the condition it is currently in, and in the cases of large scale environmental damage – how best we can approach these issues for our customers.

Pressure Washing & Cleaning

Our team then uses our state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment to blast off all of the excess dirt, grime and growth from your driveway surface. This is where we begin to restore your driveway back to its original pristine condition!

Finishing & Potentially Sealing Your Driveway

Then we move to the finishing touches. On block paving this could be making sure that there is a level amount of sand between blocks to give an even surface finish. On all drives however, we use our unique cleaning solution to not only remove moss spores and early stage algae growths from your driveway – but protect it for the next 18 months. There is also the option, if needed for us to reseal your driveway before we leave, again adding to the level of protection you will get and helping your driveway to stay clean for longer!


As an exterior pressure washing company, we’ve been established in the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire region for over 5 years. Over that time we’ve built up an immensely positive reputation with our loyal customer base. All of which have been delighted with the results we’ve been able to achieve for them.

We Hold Ourselves to the Highest Possible Standards

At Clean Core, we pride ourselves on delivering the greatest possible results to our valued customers! Every single member of our team is experienced and capable of providing driveway cleaning services to a standard that we know cannot be beaten!

Our Customer Service Focused Approach

When you invite people to work in and around your home, you shouldn’t have to feel worried about their character! We recognise this and make sure that we give the best service and consider our person centred approach to be one of the many reasons so many customers are returning to us for driveway cleaning in Derby.

We Have Specialised Cleaning Solutions Unique To Our Business! 

Our bespoke cleaning solution that can be used when cleaning your driveway contains surface friendly chemicals that not only remove excess builds of moss, algae and weeds but acts continuously to prevent them from growing back. This solution means that all of our customers can be certain that their drive is well protected for up to 18 months after we visit