Moss Removal & Roof Cleaning Services Nottingham

CleanCore are one of Nottingham’s leading roof cleaning businesses, offering a variety of different roof cleaning services tailored towards each roof type to ensure the very best roof cleaning service every time.#

Our specialist are trained in both jet washing roof cleaning services and many different soft cleaning methods ensuring that no matter what roof you have we can provide the ultimate roof cleaning services in Nottingham.

Our unique roof cleaning biocidal treatment not only helps to clean and bleach your roof but it ensure that your roof remains looking its best for months to come.


If you’re unhappy with the way your roof is looking then Clean Core’s team of roof cleaning specialists can restore your roof’s former glory and have it looking clean and moss free in no time.

Algae and moss take nutrients from your roof tiles damaging the roof and reducing the lifespan of your roof, not to mention how moss and algae building up in your guttering can quickly cause leaking and block your gutters.

We are here to help you remove all of the moss and algae and keep your roof and gutters looking and working like new.

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As roof cleaning is a delicate and intensive job, as well as the various different roofing materials there are many different methods to clean, each tailored toward the type of job, surface, speed of results and of course your budget.As roof cleaning is a delicate and intensive job, as well as the various different roofing materials there are many different methods to clean, each tailored toward the type of job, surface, speed of results and of course your budget.


Our team will come to your home and work to carefully remove all of the moss and algae on your roof using our specialist tools to ensure that your roof is kept in top condition and looking brand new. 

Once we have removed the moss and algae from your roof we will then use our biocide treatment which will continue to clean your roof over the coming months making your roof look better and better over the next 18 months!

Not only that our treatment will help to keep this look for years to come.

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Our ultimate package includes in-depth roof cleaning and treatment services with the added service of our state of the art and specially designed boiler and steamer. Capable of safely removing any stains from your roof, ridding your roof of years of dirt and grime leaving your tiling looking stunning. All of this without having to use any high pressure cleaning equipment on your roof, avoiding the risk of damage at all times.

After completely removing any dirt from your roof we will apply our specialist roof protection treatment to help protect your roof and keep it looking clean for years.


While we are on your roof all of our specialists are trained to perform basic roof maintenance and repairs, this means that whilst we are cleaning your roof we can help you save money on repairs by conducting minor repairs such as replacing broken tiles or repointing ridge tiles.

Simply ask our team when you book or our specialist cleaner before they begin work on your roof and we can help you to extend the life of your roof without the need for costly repairs.

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A dirty roof is often paired with dirty guttering. Our experts can help to ensure that your gutter is clean and working as smoothly as possible, stopping any leaks and fixing any blockages so your guttering continues to operate as efficiently as possible.


Unused aerials can create areas for birds to roost on which can quickly turn into broken aerials and increase the number of droppings on your roof which increases the growth of algae, moss and ultimately damages your roof.

Whilst we are on your roof we can easily remove any unused or unwanted aerials to keep your roof looking as clean and neat as possible.

Why Choose Our Nottingham Roof Cleaning Services

We have a unique tried and tested process that our team follows to the letter, first we work hard carefully removing any large debris and moss that could limit how effective our cleaners are. Then we use our specialist cleaning tools and machines to safely rid the roof of all its dirt, grime and moss (Then we do it again just to make sure).

Finally we use our specialist solution which not only instantly helps brighten your roof and prevent any moss or algae from being able to grow but it then continues to further brighten your roof for the next 18 months whilst continuing to prevent any moss growth.

Once we’ve finished we check our work carefully, our team are dedicated to providing the best roof cleaning service in Nottingham, this means that before we leave any job we check that we have provided exactly that, no job is complete until we are sure we have provided the best service around meaning any imperfections we spot are corrected there and then.