Commercial Cleaning Services Derby

You don’t want to leave anything to chance, when it comes to your business, especially the way it looks to potential customers, who are 9 times more likely to purchase from a clean and organised premises. Not only can dirt and moss make your business look unappealing but it can also cause damage to your property.

So no matter your commercial cleaning needs; walls, floors, roof or a combination, we can provide you with amazing service, great care and outstanding results that sets you apart from your competition.


We provide various services for whatever your business or building needs, to create a stunning curb appeal. Whether you have a large dirt build up or lots of moss growth, Clean Core has the tools and equipment to make your exterior areas from the roof to your floor stand out leagues above your competition.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

block driveway before and after driveway cleaning services

Commercial Block Paving Cleaning:

Block paving is one of the most popular choices when it comes to flooring for paths, pavements and courtyards, but unfortunately with this type of flooring, it is easy for dirt, plants and other debris to build up between the bricks. This type of flooring is hard to maintain, not to mention other common issues like chewing gum ruining the way block paving looks. Our tried and tested cleaning techniques can help create a stunning look to each and every area of your site and are just one of the reasons Clean Core is the best for supplying businesses in and around Derby with amazing quality commercial cleaning that you can’t afford to miss out on.

Commercial Tarmac and Asphalt Cleaning:

Tarmac and asphalt can be a difficult type of surface to clean, with this surface being a popular choice for car parks and paths, tarmac and asphalt is a very common material when cleaning commercial spaces. At Clean Core we have expert knowledge with our many years of experience cleaning tarmac and other commercial flooring, we can ensure your business stands out amongst competitors. Asphalt and tarmac surfaces are a lot harder to clean than other types of exterior flooring, especially when it comes to finding and treating moss and algae spores in the tarmacs gaps and crevices. Using our soft washing treatment to clean these areas we can make sure all surfaces are safe and clean for all consumers. No matter the scale, we will leave your site looking better than ever.

Commercial Resin Cleaning Services:

This style of exterior flooring can also be popular within businesses and commercial building exteriors because of its bespoke finishes creating simple and unique designs and shapes. Concrete is also beneficial in the fact that it is much less likely to gather dirt or plants making it relatively easy to maintain and keep on top of. However when it is not kept up with it will become discoloured and unattractive. This is a simple style of flooring for us to clean, so no matter the condition our pressure washing will be sure to remove any discolouration of your flooring leaving it looking as good as new. Upon finishing cleaning we can use our sealant services to improve the longevity of your flooring, protecting your flooring against the elements for years to come.

Commercial Exterior Wall Cleaning Services

Exterior wall cleaning is key when it comes to your commercial building as first impressions are key to a person’s perception of your business. Walls covered with moss, dirt or discoloration, can easily ruin the kerb appeal of your commercial building and put off potential customers. A good clean can restore dull and graffiti filled buildings to a beautiful clean building, which is what we do best at Clean Core.

External Render Cleaning Services:

Rendering has become increasingly popular especially with modern builds, so it is important to keep up with the maintenance keeping the modern and appealing look of your business. Not maintaining your rendering properly may result in a loss of colour over time, most commonly caused by an infection of mosses and algae that ultimately ruins the appearance of commercial buildings.

Weather can also affect the appearance by discolouring and staining the render as well as encouraging growths on these walls to thrive, it is so much more important to keep on top of looking after these walls. When left untreated the walls can become unsightly and distract people when coming to your commercial building, our commercial pressure washing services will quickly clean your walls and restore them to their modern design.

External Cladding Cleaning Services:

Cladding is another popular choice when it comes to commercial cleaning, with multiple styles available, we know how to bring out the best of your cladding to make your building look as good as new. With cladding we know that it will take a pressure wash to fix most of the issues occasionally this won’t work but Clean Core’s expertise has developed a way to maintain and fix all issues making sure your customers will be impressed with your exterior. Occasionally we may have to use a chemical treatment to maximise your cleaning experience to the best available for your company’s exterior.

Commercial Roof Cleaning Services

As it is rarely seen it is easy to overlook the roof of your business when it comes to cleaning, however it is probably one of the most important areas to maintain due to their large repair costs, meaning risking the damage by leaving it will often cost a lot more in the long run.

Your roof is a breeding ground for moss and algae which over time can be very damaging. Moss retains a lot of moisture, increasing the weight on your roof and clogging the drainage of the water, not to mention they suck the moisture from the area and create holes with their roots. It’s extremely detrimental to sort this issue before it costs you and your building a fortune.

Our expert moss removal services will restore your roof to its former glory, making sure it withstand and lasts your business for years to come.