Expert Render Cleaning In Derby

Reviving the exterior render on your commercial or residential property in Derbyshire.

Exterior render is a design element which has been incorporated by developers in a more widespread manner over the last 20 years or so. 

The use of render is a way to help insulate the building further than typical interior wall and loft insulation. It also helps to decorate the outside of the buildings in a way much more aesthetically pleasing than just brickwork. 

The only real drawback of having the outside of your home or workplace building rendered for decoration and insulation is that they can become dirty over time and then the aesthetic benefits become lost. 

That’s why many property owners in Derbyshire turn to CleanCore for their expertise in soft-washing exterior render! 

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CleanCore’s K Render Cleaning In Derby

CleanCore’s team have a wealth of experience when it comes to performing expert render cleaning throughout Derby and the surrounding areas. We have worked on both modern building types and older buildings, always ensuring we use specialised techniques and the right cleaning solutions to leave all surfaces undamaged. 

Our render cleaning services can renew the exterior look on both residential properties and larger commercial premises. Which means, passers by can be amazed by your stylish render finished building once again after we have restored its former glory.

Why Choose CleanCore For Render Cleaning In Derby?

There are many render cleaning companies working in Derby, however at CleanCore we pride ourselves on being the best. We have the training, experience and knowledge to help assure you that you’re in safe hands for any render cleaning job.


At CleanCore our trained professionals have a wide range of equipment which they bring with them to every job, allowing them to provide the highest quality of render clean to you as a customer. 

We are also trained in working at heights which means even if your building is multiple stories high we can use our spider cherry picker (or spider lift if you’d prefer) to reach the heights of most buildings. 


Many people avoid getting their exterior render cleaned as they believe that the only option is to pressure wash the surface. This is untrue. Here at CleanCore, we use soft washing equipment and ensure that there is no damage to the render itself. 

This means that you won’t need to repaint your render once our team has completed the job.


With render cleaning there always needs to be careful attention paid to avoid any damage to the surface of the render during the cleaning process. 

What can often be forgotten when it comes to render cleaning is how important the after care and protection of the render for the future is. At CleanCore our team always apply our special biocide treatment on the render surface after finishing your render clean.

Our Biocide treatment keeps the render looking fresh for many more years to come by killing organic growth at its root and preventing it from regrowing. Having this means you can be guaranteed to have a clean render for the foreseeable future.

Our Render Cleaning Process

At CleanCore we keep our process as simple and easy as possible for all of our render cleaning customers. We start with an assessment of the building in question and look at the state of the render when we arrive. This then helps us to ensure we can fit the right kind of render cleaning techniques to the job and deliver the best possible results.

We then get to work carrying out a soft wash across the entire surface, removing dirt, moss growth and other organic materials from the render – helping bring it back to life.

Finally, we then add our specialised biocide treatment to the render helping to prevent growth and dirt return over the coming months. Helping to protect your buildings render finish and keep it looking great.