Patio Cleaning In Derby

Patio Cleaning Service in Derby

We offer a professional patio cleaning service in Derby. We cover a wide range of patio surfaces including concrete slabs, imprinted concrete, resin and natural stone patios. We’re always on hand to answer any queries you may have regarding cleaning. Take a look at our most popular patio cleaning services in Derby below: Natural Stone Patio Cleaning Concrete and Slab Cleaning Imprinted Concrete Cleaning

Natural Stone Patio Cleaning In derby

A Natural Stone patio is a great investment for your garden. But over time they can get dirty and begin to lose that lovely colour that you purchased it for. We can clean a wide variety of natural stone surfaces using a mixture of high pressure cleaning and soft washing. Natural stone can be a breeding ground for algae and black spot so with the right chemicals and technique, we can bring the surface back to it’s former glory. We also offer a range of sealing options for natural stone to give it the ultimate finish and colour enhancing and keep it looking great for years to come! Natural Stone Sealing

Concrete Slab Patio Cleaning in Derby

Concrete patio slabs are the standard in the UK but they can soon quickly become dirty and riddled with black spot. We use a combination of high pressure and soft washing to bring your slabs back to life. These surfaces can also be sealed like many other surfaces so check out our sealing page for more information. Concrete and Slab Sealing

Imprinted Concrete cleaning in Derby

Pattern imprinted concrete surfaces are a popular choice for patios. As they are sealed when laid they tend to stay free of dirt, algae and moss for many years. But when they do start to become grimy they’re nice and simple to clean. Depending on the surface condition we can use either high pressure or softy washing to bring the surface to it’s best. We can also advise weather we think it’s ready for a top up of sealer to really keep it looking great for years to come. See our sealing page for more information. Imprinted Concrete Sealing

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